KUDOS team deliver a complete range of integrated services with a level of responsiveness that is based on being intuitive to our client’s needs; doing the simple things well and the difficult things methodically.

M&E Maintenance & Repair

The core of our business is provided through our mobile maintenance engineers. KUDOS Field Engineering teams are highly skilled and multi-disciplined, trained to the highest industry standards to recognise and respond to the challenges posed by the complexities of modern building services. Our Facilities maintenance team are committed to ensuring buildings within their responsibility are run more safely, perform better environmentally, and operate at optimum efficiency. From the comfort obtained from the air conditioning to the efficiency of lighting sensors, we look at ALL aspects.

M&E Projects

As part of the 25+year life expectancy of each Health Centre, KUDOS will be responsible for managing and installing M&E plant replacements under the life cycle strategy.


KUDOS Energy solutions are focussed on optimising energy across the Health Centre portfolio. Part of our energy strategy is to analyse key energy data via remote monitoring to help us understand each building’s operating parameters linked to occupancy, and provide energy-saving solutions to address our clients requirements.


A key responsibility in looking after an asset in constant use by the public is to keep up with appearance. From general maintenance to roofing, decoration to drainage, we manage the key trades and specialist partners to maximise the asset value and provide efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Remote Monitoring

Imagine communicating instant visibility of a buildings real-time performance data. Then enhance that advantage with the ability to monitor the status of your M&E plant & equipment minute by minute and you’ll have an understanding of what KUDOS provide to our clients.

Specialist Services

In addition to KUDOS in-house expertise and resources, our fully managed and integrated service solution includes approved service partners to deliver a range of specialist services such as Lift & Escalator Maintenance and  Fire & Security Systems.

Our Service Partners are rigorously vetted to the highest health, safety and performance standards and operate on a ‘back-to-back’ policy whereby KUDOS’s SLA’s and KPI’s are mirrored by our partners – ensuring continuity of service from a customised TFM solution.